ETAP-C 21-4 ended with the positive result of eight graduated crews and three Instructor Load Masters.

More than 60 flights have been performed during the course with a total of more than 120 flying hours. In addition, 43 ERO’s (Engine Running Operations), 6 COL (Combat Off Load), 6 SL (Static Line para-droppings), 3 ADGE (Air Delivery Gravity Extraction), 1 ADPE (Air Delivery Parachute Extraction), 20 SATB (Standard Air Training Bundle), 43 Assault Landings and tactical approaches and realistic Ground-to-Air Threat Reaction training have been conducted together with real air to air engament from Spanish Air Defence aircrafts.

Employing Tactical instructors from the Participating Nations and Bulgaria, together with the ETACs ones, a total of 160 people were trained, flying in eight transport aircraft of seven different nationalities (DEU 1 A400M, ESP 1 A400M and 1 C-295, CZE 1 C-295, PRT 1 C-295, POL 1 C-295, NOR 1 C130J and LTU 1 C27J) over the Spanish region of Aragon (including Teruel Civil Airport, Bardenas and San Gregorio shooting ranges/dropping zones, Ablitas landing zone and Zaragoza AFB). simulating an advanced tactical scenario.

In addition to the essential support provided by Spain, we also counted on the contribution of EATC, Belgian, Lithuanian and Bulgarian augmentees, who were covering several positions in the command and control structure of the course.

Also as usual, with the excellent work of the Tactical Instructors of the participant nations and the ETAC’s ones, we were able to build a very realistic scenario.

One project ends and the next one is already coming, that’s why we are currently working on our next ETAP-C Single Ship Night NVG (Night Vision Goggles) course taking place in Zaragoza from February 6th to 18th next year.


pictures taken by Tono Fernandez Leonarte