Today the ‘Centre’s’ active project phase has been concluded with the graduation of four new multinational TacIPs (Tactical Instructor Pilot).  This makes in total 11 new TacIPs, who had been introduced to their duties on the last three ETAP-Is (21-4,21-5 and 21-6) in the IV. Quarter of 2021 in Orleans (FRA) and Pisa (ITA).

Our congratulations go to the candidates from ESP,  NOR, POL (each 1); DEU (2); and ITA and FRA (3 each).

By that the ‘Centre’ familiarised in total 21 new TacIPs and 8 new TacILMs in 2021 with their new role and prepared them for their upcoming multinational duties and responsibilities.

Until Jan 2022, when the next project starts (ETAP-I 22-1 TacIP),  the ‘Centre’ will not go into a hibernation (overwintering), but will continue to prepare all upcoming projects of the forthcoming year 2022.