The ‘Centre’ is pleased to release the PoW 23 for everyone’s information. It is the largest PoW ever, although no ETAP-T is pictured. Come have a look and inform yourselves about the many possibilities offered by the various Receiving Participants (RP) and ETAC.

Please take note of all extra information belonging to the markings (*,**,***) and of the explanation in the ‘Additional info’ block. Special attention should be given to all projects early in the year 2023, since time is running and the official launches need to be initiated soon.

Should you want to be considered for participating in the one or other project, please search for your national representative, who is in charge for coordinating matters with ETAC.He will get in contact with us for further coordination. Please do not care the final number of interested. This is something, which will be coordinated at a later stage.

Download PoW 23