“A new spring is starting and, once again, Orleans Air Base gets ready to host one of the distinct projects of the program: the ETAP “Element Leader Course”.

Derived from the former X-Ship, an on TAT-assets formation focused French training, the “Element Leader Course” project takes one step forward towards one of the main goals of the European Tactical Airlift Program (ETAP): “to enhance interoperability and tactical awareness between tactical airlift users”.

With the assistance of the ETAC and EATC, CIET, (Centre d’Instruction des Equipages de Transport, Orleans/FRA)  has been working hard as the responsible French unit to organise the project.  By the many matters to be arranged that running such a project entails, for sure this implies some hard work.We do appreciate it.

Now everything is arranged to start the “ETAP-C 22-3 Element Leader Course” with the participation of 4 assets, 2 A4400-M (ESP, FRA), 1 C130-J and 1 C235 (both FRA). For the Spanish A400M it will be the first participation in such a demanding project.”