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Short change of position

Two (2) of our three (3) ETAC Tactical Instructor Pilots (TacIP) have changed the instructor role and presently become themselves ‘students’. Both TacIPs are currently attending TLP’s COMAO Synthetic Course given at the premises of Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) at [...]

Start of ETAP-C 22-3

“A new spring is starting and, once again, Orleans Air Base gets ready to host one of the distinct projects of the program: the ETAP “Element Leader Course”. Derived from the former X-Ship, an on TAT-assets formation focused French training, [...]

End of ETAP-C 22-1

The last scenes of the project ETAP-C 22-1 Sg NIGHT/NVG were taken on Friday, 18th February and all aircrews and augmentees have been released for their way back home. With that another fruitful project, hosted by Spain, has been concluded [...]

Visit of the EATC Commander

On Thursday 27th January, the European Air Transport Centre was visited by Major General Andreas Schick, EATC Commander, who was also visiting the Air Mobility Headquarters and the Wing-31. The ETAC Chief Colonel, Mr. Juan Gonzalo Fernández González, explained [...]

ETAP-I, new TacIPs

Today the ‘Centre’s’ active project phase has been concluded with the graduation of four new multinational TacIPs (Tactical Instructor Pilot).  This makes in total 11 new TacIPs, who had been introduced to their duties on the last three ETAP-Is (21-4,21-5 [...]


June 2022
Jun 05 - 17 2022


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