ETAP-I, new TacIPs

Today the ‘Centre’s’ active project phase has been concluded with the graduation of four new multinational TacIPs (Tactical Instructor Pilot).  This makes in total 11 new TacIPs, who had been introduced to their duties on the last three ETAP-Is (21-4,21-5 and 21-6) in the IV. Quarter of 2021 in Orleans (FRA) and Pisa (ITA). Our congratulations go to the candidates [...]

ETAP-C 21-4, another succesfull project come to an end

ETAP-C 21-4 ended with the positive result of eight graduated crews and three Instructor Load Masters. More than 60 flights have been performed during the course with a total of more than 120 flying hours. In addition, 43 ERO's (Engine Running Operations), 6 COL (Combat Off Load), 6 SL (Static Line para-droppings), 3 ADGE (Air Delivery Gravity Extraction), 1 ADPE [...]