ETAP-C 21-3 on the road

The 2nd week of the project starts and six (6) aircrews are training together in order to get certified as ‘element lead’ qualified.  The complete project is running as tracked including the Transport Package Leader Module (TPLM) for two (2) pilots, who participate to become ‘Package Leader’ qualified.  Two persons, however, have already achieved a certification: ITA and FRA have [...]

ETAP/ETAC Steering Boards (SB)

On 22 Apr the ‘Centre’ celebrated the 9th SB with all 13 member nations to the ETAP/ETAC Technical Arrangement (TA) as virtual meeting.  Some important trend-setting decisions have been made on this occasion, amongst other things the approval of ETAC’s PoW 22.  The next (10th) SB is expected to happen as a face-to-face meeting in autumn this year.  Coordination with [...]

ETAP-C 21-3

Latest on Sunday, 23rd May the last Project Participants (PP) are expected to fly in at Orleans AFB (FRA) in order to participate in the FRA/ETAC common project ETAP-C 21-3 Multi-Ship.  Crews from ESP, ITA and FRA will train together with an aircrew of no one else but an aircrew from the Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center (AATTC/US)) specialised TTPs [...]

ETAP-C 21-1

Last Friday, March 12th, the presentation of the ETAP-C 21-1 took place to the local media at the military airfield of Lanzarote. It is the first flying project of the European Air Transport Training Program (ETAP) that will be conducted this year. The last project has been executed in February 2020 in Zaragoza. All other planned projects in Bulgaria, France [...]

ETAP-C 21-3

The planning of the subsequent flying project ETAP-C 21-3 Multi in Orleans (FRA) meanwhile goes on. The MPC for the project has been performed on 17 Feb. Next to a first-time participation of an aircrew from AATTC (Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center from St. Joseph, MO) in the ETAP on a course they do not even offer themselves in their [...]

ETAP-I 21-3

Next to the long known ETAP-Cs France as Receiving Participant (RP) decided to share their newly gained capacities of tactical air transport aircraft simulators and first time this year offers ETAP-Is to be conducted in the A400M simulators stationed at Orleans. While the first ETAP-I 21-3 is going to be executed from 13-16 Apr, the next project in Oct has [...]

ETAP/ETAC Steering Boards (SB)

On 26 Jan the 'Centre' celebrated the 8th edition of the SB with all 13 member nations to the ETAP/ETAC Technical Agreement (TA). The 9th SB is scheduled for the 22 Apr and new trend-setting decisions are expected to be taken on that one, the approval of the PoW 22 included.