Since the initial flying project in 2012 (EATT, ESP), European Air Forces have realized the added value of having tactical training activities in a common, multinational setting within Europe. Previously, the only available option to train air transport crews in the tactical domain was to send them to courses in the US (AATTC).  With the implementation of the ETAC and our projects (ETAP-T, ETAP-C and ETAP-I), EU nations can now benefit from more cost-efficient training opportunities and they can apply for those projects independent of US training availabilities.


IN 2019 IN 2020 **
IN 2021
Attended*/Graduated Crews 36/27 8/8 18/15 106/86
Graduated Tactical Instructors 11 16 19 122
Graduated Tactical Instructors Loadmasters 1 4 7 29
Hours flown 584 120 370 +3800
Sorties 308 64 148

*Attended ETAP-T or ETAP-C
**Due to the COVID-19 ETAC conducted only limited amount of projects.