Project Description

European Tactical Airlift Programme – Course (ETAP-C) aims to provide air transport crews with a comprehensive airlift tactics course to enhance tactical knowledge, to expand the personal ‘comfort zone’ in unfriendly scenarios and to increase survivability in this airspace.  Since almost all EATF-nations participate in the courses interoperability between European air forces will grow in this domain. Thanks to the effort of the EATC, who designed the ETAC Tactics Techniques and Procedures (ETTP) and the ETAC’s own Tactical Instructor Pilots (TacIP) all participating crews operate of ‘the same sheet of music’. The ETTP are supposed to be the ‘bible’ for tactical flying. On the courses crews are trained within a simulated theatre-deployment setting, exposing them to a complex surface-to-air and air-to-air threat. Here they are tasked to conduct more and are demanding airlift missions, however always being assisted by TacIPs.  At the end of each course, graduating crews will be presented a certificate.